Ivy (2x5'9)

SKU: rug 650

50% Polyester, 50% Acrylic, Other sizes 2x3'9, 2'3x8 runner, 3'6x5'6, 5'6 Round, 5'3x7'5, 7'9x10'10. There patterns in this group.

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Beach Side (3'x5')

SKU: rug 612

100% Polypropylene, smaller braid size looks more refined more contemporary. Other sizes 20x30,2x3,27x48,4'x6',5x8,7x9,8x11,9'2x13'2,11'4x14'4, 3,5'6,7'6,8'6,9'6 Round or Square, Runners 2x8, 2'3x9 and Custom sizes.

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Sale price: $139.00


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