Bay Shore (2'x3')

SKU: rug 787

47% Wool, 27% Nylon,26%Polyester, other sizes 20x30, 27x48, 3x5,4x6,5x8, 7x9,8x11,9'2x13'2,11'4x14'4, 2x8 & 2'3x9 runners all rectangle or oval, 3,5'6,7'6,8'6,9'6 Round or Square. Custom sizes available, like half rounds. Additional colors in second picture.

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Sale price: $109.00

Drama (27"x48")

SKU: rug 619

80% Nylon, 17% Wool, 3% Other Sizes, 20x30, 2x3, 3x5, 4x6,5x8, 7x9, 8x11, 9'2x13'2, 11'4x14'4, Round or Square 3, 5'6, 7'6, 8'6, 9'6, Runners 2x8, 2'3x9, Custom sizes. Rug sold sample in store.

Regular price: $0.00
Sale price: $149.00

Beach Side (3'x5')

SKU: rug 612

100% Polypropylene, smaller braid size looks more refined more contemporary. Other sizes 20x30,2x3,27x48,4'x6',5x8,7x9,8x11,9'2x13'2,11'4x14'4, 3,5'6,7'6,8'6,9'6 Round or Square, Runners 2x8, 2'3x9 and Custom sizes.

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Sale price: $159.00

Hometown Chestnut (27'x48')

SKU: rug 502

50% Wool,45% Nylon, 5% Misc., as a rectangle can be sewed across width as pictured, or with length custom, concentric round or oval standard. Contact store for other sizes including ovals, rounds, squares, runners and custom sizes.

Regular price: $0.00
Sale price: $169.00

Wool Blend Orchid (2'x3')

SKU: rug 411

35% wool, 65% polypropylene, These braids are priced as rectangles,squares and Octagons, but are available in rounds and ovals.  Other colors Camel, Blue, Lt. Brown, Berry, Lt. Green, Beige, Burgundy, Navy, Dark Green, and Black. Delivery is 10 Days to 14 Days, Custom size and color approximate 21 Days to ship. Sizes 2x3,2x4,3x5,4x6,5x8,7x9,8x11,10x13,12x15,4,6,8,10,12 Octagon or Square, 2x6,8,10,12 Runners.  Your choice on rectangle braids fringe or no fringe. Stock only tagged $139

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Sale price: $149.00

Home Brights Amber Red (2'x3' oval)

SKU: rug 226

65% Nylon, 35% polypropylene blend                                     
Color: shown Amber Red ,other colors Black Mix, Baltic Blue, Thyme Green, Straw Beige, Brown Mix. Custom sizes available round, oval, or rectangle,2x4,3x5,4x6,5x8,7x9,8x11,10x13,12x15,4,6,8,10,12 Round, 2x6,8,10,12 Runners, contact us for pricing, instock 2x3 priced lower.

Regular price: $0.00
Sale price: $83.99

Heartland (2'3"x4')

SKU: rug 223

95% Wool, 5% Other, 20x30, 24x36,27x48, 3x5, 4x6,5x8,7x9, 8x11,9'2x13'2,11'4x14'4, 3', 5'6, 7'6, 8'6, 9'6 Rounds, 2x8, 2'3x9 Runners, Ovals or rectangles, custom & matching braids available.

Regular price: $0.00
Sale price: $129.99


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